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Saul Mendoza Financial Assistance Program


Restoring The Lives Of People With Disabilities Through Physical, Emotional, Mental and Social Integrative Rehabilitation and Preventative Medicine....


The Saul Mendoza Financial Assistance Program allows individuals with a Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, or any other Neurological Disorder to receive the thorough rehab and health that everybody deserves. Through partial and full ride scholarships from our community, donations help people and families get through the hardest of times and even have enough health to enjoy their lives.



The Awakenings Difference


AHI treats patients after they have been released from this care, for as long as they need.  Insurance does not support this open-ended time frame.

The AHI program also tends to all facets of a healthful life and lifestyle with Physical, Emotional, Mental, Recreational, and Social rehabilitation: all synergistically working together to CREATE HEALTH and RESTORE LIVES.

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