10 Worst NBA Injuries of All Time

One common mishap when it comes to sport is an injury. Whether it is as bad as torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) or just a simple scratch, it all is painful to bear.

Football and hockey are the two most known sports where severe injuries tend to happen. However, basketball too can pose possible injuries to athletes. In fact, many of the NBA players have had their fair share of injuries over the years.

Throughout the season, different players get injured and are forced to sit out for a couple of games. These injuries are usually not gruesome, but there have been injuries that made fans look away. It is important to note that NBA players don’t usually wear any protection. This is why players are highly vulnerable to injuries.

Below are the ten worst injuries in NBA history.

Derrick Rose

Rose had experienced many injuries. The first being when he went for a lay-up in a playoff game against 76ers and his legs went for a little dance midair. He landed in an ugly way and tore his ACL. This disabled him to play the entire following season and ruined his career.

Andrew Bynum

He once was a rising NBA star but was never able to achieve his potential due to an injury. Bynum suffered a knee injury in 2009. This led to him missing 32 games of that season before he got injured again, making him miss the next season. This injury had entirely affected his basketball career.

Joe Johnson

When Joe Johnson played for the Suns in 2005, he went up for a dunk and accidentally landed face first on the hardwood floor. His head recoiled from the fall but he managed to walk away without help. He suffered a broken orbital bone (eye socket) due to this injury.

Greg Oden

In 2009, a teammate bumped into Oden which sent him falling to the ground. The fall caused him to break his kneecap, missing the rest of the season. He then went through a couple of surgeries over the years. Finally, on 2013 he signed up with Miami Heat but was cut in the 2013-2014 season, and he was never seen playing in the NBA again.

Paul George

While practicing with Team USA in 2014, Paul George went to block a layup by James Harden. But this ended him getting slammed, hitting the basketball net’s pole. Replays later showed that his ankle had bent at a 90-degree angle, snapping clean in half. This made him missed the following season. Later on, he managed to come back, though he had a hard time finding his groove.

Steve Nash

Nash got elbowed by Earl Watson when he was trying to defend the rim. He went flying back, but when the camera was zoomed on him, there was a lot of blood coming out of his nose and mouth. This injury was not much significant but shows how bloody it can get.

T.J. Ford

When Baron Davis was trying to defend Ford, he accidentally knocked him to the ground. The game continued for some time before it was stopped. Ford was found breathing heavily and looked like he could not get up. He retired the following Monday. This injury showed how a promising career can easily come to an end.

Glen Davis

In a 2010 NBA playoff game, Davis landed on the floor and stayed there for a while because the referee thought he was flopping. He landed on his head when he collided with several players while going up for a rebound.

Joel Przybilla

During a game against Mavericks in 2009, Joel ruptured his patella. Although the camera was not able to pick the view of the injury, but it did capture the aftermath when he bounced on the floor, quickly grabbing his knee. He did not play for the rest of the season. Unfortunately, he did not get back to his form and retired after a few years.

Jamal Crawford

During Jamal’s 2nd season in the NBA, he got injured and torn his ACL. This required him to undergo a reconstructive knee surgery. Fortunately, after his surgery he was able to play 12 seasons of injury-free game.

These injuries of various NBA players imply that it is always important for athletes to have a physiotherapist as they can help them in treating these injuries. They as well can help educate them on how to possibly prevent these injuries from happening and what treatment method they should use to treat their injuries.

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