3 Things About Caring for Dentures You Should Know

3 Things About Caring for Dentures You Should Know

Improper dental hygiene can lead you towards the path of artificial dentures. Whether partial or full, dentures need a methodical cleaning regime to keep them safe from plaque. In this article, we will talk about the process of caring for dentures, maintaining, and storing them.

Avoid these On Dentures

Dentures can spoil without proper care. Here are some basic guidelines:

  1. Bleach – It changes the colour of dentures and weakens its metal fixtures.
  2. Whitening Toothpaste – The “whitening” ones’ are abrasive in nature. Avoid at all cost.
  3. Brushes – Use soft bristled brushes to clean. Stiff bristles or harsh cleaners damages the denture.
  4. Hot Water – NEVER use hot water. It warps the denture. Always use cold water.

Cleaning Dentures

Follow the instructions shared by the Dental Prosthetist. Remember to clean them once every day, even if not after every meal. Use a recommended denture cleaner or a mild liquid soap. While cleaning the dentures, clean the tongue, the roof of the mouth and the cheeks. Soak them in recommended solutions overnight and wear them in the morning.

Storing Dentures - Direct Denture CareStoring Dentures

Warped or unhinged dentures are the result of letting them dry out and leaving them in hot water. Leave the dentures in room temperature water when not wearing them or in a denture solution if the Dental Prosthetist recommends one. Keep them out of reach for children and pets. Avoid paper towels to keep the dentures; use a soft towel instead.

Visit the Dental Prosthetist regularly for cleaning them professionally. Never ignore loose dentures as it can be the cause of sores and infection.