Crucial Things that a Newbie Pilates Student Must Know


Are you interested in learning about Pilates? Perhaps you’re now ready and excited to start your first workout, or maybe you’re still wondering if Pilates is even worth your time.

Let’s take a closer look at what Pilates really is, and how it can benefit your body.

Let’s also discover how you can get started with a Pilates workout today.

Though there are some advanced classes, there’s also a basic Clinical Pilates class like what mhealth offered that it is very friendly to the newbie. Many of the basic workouts and poses are easy to learn, even if it is your first time experimenting with Pilates.

You can practice some of the moves at home so you won’t feel intimidated on your first day in a Pilates class.


What is Pilates all About?

Pilates is an exercise routine that focuses primarily on special poses and often utilises specialised equipment. In some ways, it is similar to yoga.

However, the focus of Pilates is often directed on the core strength while yoga has a more balanced approach to various areas.

Pilates poses may focus on core strength, but they also emphasise full-body movements. Yoga can, therefore, strengthened one muscle and at the same time stretching a different muscle. The moves require your full concentration.

Some Pilates moves are very simple while others are more complex, but they all require focus and attention.

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Pilates is created by a gymnast and carpenter named Joseph Pilates.

The original inspiration for the poses came from a combination of yoga and some movements of animals. These movements were intended to help injured dancers continue to exercise.


The Benefits of Pilates

Pilates presents numerous benefits for the body:

  1. For one, it is great for building core strength.
  1. At the same time, it improves the flexibility, coordination, and posture.
  1. It also enhances the body’s endurance and balance. In fact, it is the perfect all-around workout that can improve the body in multiple ways with just a few simple movements.


Difference Between Pilates and Yoga

Pilates may have the same benefits as the yoga, such as flexibility and balance but it is different in a couple of ways.

One difference is that Pilates has a lower chance of injury because the poses are not quite as complex as the yoga poses.

In Pilates, you won’t do balancing on one hand while trying to bend your foot beneath your mouth.

Another benefit of Pilates is the varying level of difficulty in its poses. In fact, there are basic Pilates classes intended for the newbie and also advanced classes for the experienced professional.

These varying levels of Pilates session will help you continually improve your inner strength. And since you can increase the intensity as you do the different poses, you’ll never find yourself getting bored.


Basic Pilates Move


One of the simplest Pilates moves is called rolling like a ball.

It is somewhat a playful move that has some interesting benefits. It works the abdominal muscles and back muscles, as well as provides a gentle massage. It teaches you the proper way to utilise the core abdominal muscles.

To perform this move you first get into a seated position with the knees bent and only the toes touching the floor. Grab the back of the thighs with adjacent hands.

Lower your head between the knees and slowly rock back onto the shoulders. Never roll forward onto your neck. As you notice, this move is very simple and yet, very effective.