Tips On How To Find Creative Packaging Solutions

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Do you have products that you want to introduce to the market or have been around for some time and need to change their packaging? If you do, chances are you are already looking at creative packaging solutions to achieve this.

Finding the perfect packaging solutions for your product can be daunting when you are searching for the right packaging consultant to help you with your existing product change or new product launch.

You already know the most important thing when it comes to marketing your product.

You need it to stand out from others on store and pharmacy shelves. This includes private label items, nutraceuticals, and any OTC or prescription drugs, ranging from large to small batch sizes.

As you are thinking of which way to go, it is worth noting that there are several packaging solutions available. These options include glass bottles, pouches, blister packaging, various plastic types, tubes, and flexible packaging. If you are environment-conscious, you will be glad to know that there are tons of eco-friendly packaging options available. At the same time, ensuring your packaging is child-proof is also essential, especially considering when children get access to medication.

Creative Packaging Solutions | Star Stuff GroupWhen considering creative packaging solutions, it is essential to go for packaging that meets specific marketing graphics and structural designs and has appropriate designs that make it secure and safe to use and which comply to regulations set by agencies like the FDA and DEA. It is, therefore, vital to ensure that your consultant can provide solutions that meet these requirements.

Taking all this into account, you need responsive and flexible solutions that can help you solve even the most difficult packaging challenges. Therefore, look for a packaging consultant who will help you find the most creative designs when it comes to packaging. Your consultant should also include your assembly and labelling in your preferred materials. For the best solutions, go for a company that has access to the latest time-saving, state-of-the-art technologies.

The Next Step

When in the search for creative packaging solutions, take the time to know your consultant’s strengths. Here are some questions to consider:
– What’s your consultant’s packaging specialties?
– What are the company’s strong points?
– Does it have any weak points?
– Does it provide full support for pharmaceutical products?
– Can they deliver what they promise?

At the same time, consider asking the following questions:
– How long have you been in the packaging business?
– How do you come up with your packaging solutions?
– How many pharmaceutical companies have used/are using your packaging services?
– How’s your supply chain?
– Do you subcontract packaging components?

It is advisable that you go for a consultant who is able to offer you some valuable add-ons considering that your packaging is more than just a container for holding your product. Therefore, consider if your potential consultant can provide you with:
– Inserts, graphics, print, cartons, and designs that your product needs to stand out from the rest on shelves
– The right messaging for your product
– In-house packaging structure design

Consider Regulatory Activities

While looking for creative packaging solutions, do not forget about the different FDA regulations and audits. Take the time to know when your consultant was last audited. Ask them if they’re Current Good Manufacturing Practices or cGMP compliant for safety, effectiveness, and quality.

Also, consider checking on their customer base. Do they have clients that are in the nutraceutical, OTC, and brand or generic pharmaceutical industries? If the consultant only works for one account, consider investigating if they’re DEA-registered and FDA-audited.

Project Management

As you are concluding your search for a creative packaging solutions consultant, take the time to know more about how they handle project management. Find out who’ll be overseeing your project, how the project will be managed, and the project management methods that will be used. Remember, the project manager will be the person responsible for your project from the word go to completion. Lastly, consider how much they will charge you for their services and the amount of time they’ll take to design and package your product.

It is essential that the consultant you hire offers you turn-key, yet creative packaging solutions that you can rely on. Remember, there is no room for errors when it comes to packaging your product!