Morphing Your Body Into Shape With Yoga: How To Really Take The Weight For Good

yoga pose

Many things make you gain weight, few things help you take it off. It’s time to change your entire outlook. Stop believing in diets, books, fads, pills, and potions, and start believing in YOU.


It all begins with that little voice inside of you, you know, the one that says “You won’t succeed this time, either.” Science has proven the power of mind over matter and there’s no way you will succeed unless you believe in yourself.


Unfortunately, your weight is about more than just body image and the desire to look better: Your health depends on it, particularly over the long-term. If appearance only affected the psyche, there would be far fewer heart attacks, cases of diabetes and other weight-related health problems.


Get Started


Don’t over do it, or you’re likely to give up early in the process. Find a simple routine you can handle and dedicate the first week to getting accustomed to the process. Your routine is an important appointment you should keep every day; fit it into your schedule and stick to it. For example, a few yoga poses in the morning, a walk on your lunch break and after dinner. This isn’t your permanent regimen, it’s your warm-up.


Also, start thinking about what you eat. You know what isn’t good for you, and you know what a sensible portion size is. As you adjust to the new routine of getting regular exercise and changing your mind about the way your body is going to look, start to reign in the appetite and practice self-control.


Get Serious


Once you’ve settled into the routine of working daily towards your body morph, evaluate the individual circumstances which will govern your success:


Counting calories: You could add them all up as each day proceeds, or simply stop consuming so many.


  1. Figure out how many you should be consuming.


  1. Estimate how many you normally consume.


  1. Document the numbers if you think that will work for you. (It won’t for everyone.)


  1. Plan your meals, adjust your grocery shopping and allow for no outside interference, such as fast food, dining out take-out or cheating.


  1. Stop before you eat or drink anything and evaluate the impact of consumption on your body weight.


Keeping in mind what you’re going to have to do to counteract every calorie you take in.


Once you’ve found the formula that works for you based on steps 1-5, record or memorize it. This is now your holy grail for body morphing.


Your Exercise Routine: Once you have a grip on your incoming calories, your weight should level off, however, it’s not going to go down unless you consume fewer than your recommended number of daily calories. Is that healthy for you, or even livable? Exercise is the natural compliment to calorie control.


Specifically for weight loss, yoga should become a major and intense part of your life. You can study the different poses that will strengthen, tone and help you get into better shape; warm up or down with yoga and use it to form the mind-body connection you need to succeed.


  1. Base your exercises on the number of calories you need to burn to actually start losing weight.


  1. Add walks to start with, whenever you can.


  1. Gradually increase your pace to speed walking or jogging. Take advantage of every muscle you move. Record your progress to keep you on track and to learn from what you’re doing.


  1. When you are fit to run, do so at least 3 times a week for 1-2 miles. Your distance should be based on pushing your limits, but not exceeding them.


  1. A daily workout, even for just a few minutes, combined with regular walking and running or speed walking will help you start to lose weight, along with everything else you do all day. Take stairs instead of elevators, park further from store entrances and avail yourself of different opportunities to exercise.


Among the many important things yoga does is change your mind about the control you have over your body, how you use your time and your level of commitment to the process of losing weight.


Get Results


Thus far, not very many specific exercises have been mentioned, because it’s important that you choose what works best for you. Generally, any form of exercise will burn calories and tone your body, from swimming to push-ups; however, your program must be based on your needs and preferences.


The single most important element of your success is a commitment, and that means following through with your routine, not just for a few weeks, but until you see results.


Thereafter, it’s about remaining committed to your calorie counting, or you risk gaining back all the weight you’ve lost; it’s about incorporating a regular workout into your daily schedule indefinitely, not temporarily.


Make adjustments as you progress, such as running further, attempting more advanced poses or switching to a different exercise to avoid stagnation with results.


Above all else, always remind yourself of the most important part of achieving your desired body morph:


Believing in yourself is the only way to fulfill any goal. You can’t lose weight by any other means.


What you may need to succeed: A good (honest) scale, calorie counter or app, strong shoes that support you and an exercise or yoga mat. Morphing the body through yoga is a commitment, but as you lose weight, you’re likely to fall in love with the routine, the poses, the higher mind-body connection you’ll have and the incredible lightness of being you achieve. Yoga can do a lot more than help you lose weight, in fact, it can really change your life.