Speed Up Your Metabolism Through 5 Simple Habits

Speed Up Metabolism

Many aspects of life have specialised terminologies which get used in a frequent manner by everyone concerned. When it comes to health and fitness, the special terminology that flies flapping its wings is called ‘Metabolism’. People who are related to weight loss and other fitness goals are seen using this terminology frequently. In reality, what […]

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Things You Need to Understand About Lower Back Pain

Things You Need to Understand About Lower Back Pain We live in a world where many of us spend long periods of time in a sitting position. Unfortunately, this does no good favours for our lower back. Understanding the various causes of lower back pain as well as typical symptoms can help us to identify […]

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Traditional Chinese Medicine in This Modern World

Traditional Chinese medicine which consist of alternative therapies like herbal treatments and acupuncture, has been gaining increased acceptance in the West.They served as a good alternative to typical Western medicine. In fact, some Chinese herbal treatments have been used to develop modern prescription medication. Likewise, acupuncture has been extensively studied as an alternative or complement […]

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