Why Does a Quick Pilates Warm-Up Exercise Crucial?

Are you new to Pilates and wanted to make the most of your routine? Are you excited about getting started with your first session?

Well, you might have to hold your horses a bit here. You need to understand that warming up is a must for your body before starting with the different poses.

There are a number of reasons why a warm-up routine should be done.

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Let’s take a closer look at the nuances of warming up and what it can do for your Pilates routine in the long-run. Being equipped with this information enables you to perform your routine safely and effectively.

Benefits of Warming Up

Warming up prior to the workout gives you certain advantages. It helps to prepare your body ensuring you are flexible enough to perform the workout routine.

It also prevents you from getting injured. Pilates is not easy on the body at first, and you are going to feel it if you are not stretched or warmed up.

Without a warm up routine, you will not be able to execute the routine as simply as you want. Without it, your body could also get hurt. You don’t want that to happen during your Pilates session, right?

That’s why you have to look at some simple and quick warm-up routines to help make your Pilates sessions easier.

How to Properly Warm Up

So, how do you go about warming up?

It is all about getting those stretches in. You need to limber up to have proper flexibility when the movement begins. If you won’t do a warm up routine, you will struggle a lot.

The proper way of doing the warm-up is going to each major muscle group in your body. You have to hold each pose for a few seconds to limber up.

These warming up poses include:

1) Toe Touches;

2) Crossover Arm Stretches; and

3) Ankle Rotations

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You have to focus on these major muscle groups as best as you can within your warm-up routine. Many Pilates enthusiasts will focus directly on the different Pilates poses and think this is all they have to worry about. That is not true at all.

You also have to be cautious about the crucial things you need to be doing beforehand as well. This is a must to prevent injury.

There is a purpose behind every simple Pilates routine. To be able to carry out its purpose effectively, your body must be prepared as required.

That is why you have to go through a simple warm up routine as properly as you can. There are so many people who assume they will be fine without warming up and then end up getting hurt.

Pilates is indeed great and one of the most powerful ways to become flexible and lean.

However, you will have to set yourself up if you want to achieve successful sessions. One way of doing this is by warming up as gently as you can.

A simple three-minute warm up routine is going to do more than enough for you and your body. So, make it a habit to do a quick warm-up routine before getting started with the different Pilates poses.