Speed Up Your Metabolism Through 5 Simple Habits

Speed Up Metabolism

Many aspects of life have specialised terminologies which get used in a frequent manner by everyone concerned. When it comes to health and fitness, the special terminology that flies flapping its wings is called ‘Metabolism’. People who are related to weight loss and other fitness goals are seen using this terminology frequently. In reality, what does the word ‘Metabolism’ really mean? The word Metabolism points out to the chemical process that takes place in the human body to assimilate the food items consumed so the same can be converted into energy.

These chemical processes termed as Metabolism are activities that create the required levels of energy for the body to perform at optimal levels. While most of the energy converted is used by the body for activities, some get saved for later usage.  The speed of the metabolism decides the extent of fat reduction in the body. Apart from this physical advantage provided by the chemical processes, one also experiences high levels of alertness and enhanced moods all the time.

While it is true that individual physiology and gene structure contribute to one’s personal metabolism rate, certain amounts of control can still be exerted on the same. Let us have a look at how this can be done.

Sleep well

While at the outset this does not appear to be a difficult one, this is one of the most challenging parts of human life. Sleeping well for a minimum of 8 hours helps improve the metabolism levels to a great extent. Enough sleep helps your body to burn the maximum possible calories by working on the calorie burning capacity of the same. Reaching out early to bed makes the nights restful providing positive sleep patterns. Sleep patterns have a huge role to play in brain health. Sleeping well tends to improve your moods eliciting optimal levels of productivity from you all through the day.

Consume extra Caffeine

If you are used to taking a cup of coffee or two every day, increase the number of time by one or two more. Caffeine increases the efficiency levels of human metabolism by approximately 10%. It also helps the body to burn around 100 to 200 calories over and above the regular count every day. Care needs to be taken to avoid the addition of sugar or cream to the extra caffeine consumed since this will spoil the purpose. The ECGC component in Green Tea also burns calories. Try your hands on Green Tea and those extra cups of Caffeine to speed up your metabolism.

Have a wholesome breakfast

Your physical body takes complete rest during the night time.  This makes the metabolism dormant, slowing down the same to a great extent. To make it work in a fully active manner, consuming breakfast that is rich in fibre and protein is advisable. Such a healthy breakfast make you feel full for extended periods of time during the daytime, providing you high levels of energy. This kind of low sugar healthy meal makes the sluggish metabolism into an active one.

Avoid consuming Alcohol

Alcohol has the capability to slow down the time sense and thinking process over and above slowing down the metabolism. Alcohol can cause havoc in the functioning of your metabolism both in short as well as the long run.

Plan your workout sessions

Work out sessions is an excellent idea to spice up your metabolism levels. Getting your system used to certain set of exercises is a good thing to do when you begin your exercising regime. However, beyond a point, calorie burning becomes dormant indicating the requirement of increased exercising. This is when you need to enter into extra efforts like High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions, Yoga or probably a physically exhausting sport.

Try to lead a lifestyle which is capable of burning more calories every day. A healthy diet and supporting sleep levels along with metabolism lifting exercise regime will help you lead an energised life.