Why People Practice Yoga




Yoga is a healthy form of relaxation that has been practiced for generations and become very, very popular in the last decade. Many people love to practice this Hindu spiritual discipline for some good reasons. Much like Tai Chi, Yoga combines stretching with strength training using only your body as resistance. This means that unlike some health routines, yoga doesn’t require expensive machinery or a lot of time. It doesn’t also need a special membership but the results are obvious.

Almost all people from around the globe are practicing this spiritual discipline. From everyday people right up to A-list celebrities, yoga is more than a modern phenomena, it really is a part of the culture nowadays. In this article, we will go over some reasons as to why people start doing yoga. We will also discover some goals that are shared among the majority of these yogis.

Fitness and Health

Of course a major reason anyone gets into something like yoga is for the obvious health benefits. Word of mouth and television have told us time and time again that yoga works. The big draws for yoga over, say, a gym membership are that it doesn’t require a fee or a commute of any kind. This is because yoga can be done in a living room or an office. Yoga also does not require a lot of time to perform, and can be done in small amounts throughout the day.

Spirituality and Meditation

Yoga is an ancient practice of body, mind and spirit. Through yoga, it is possible to cleanse the woes of the mind and relax both physically and mentally. For many people it is difficult to clear away anxieties and truly meditate. With yoga, the breathing and poses are laid right out for you. It is designed with spirituality as key to the practice.

Trendiness and Community

As previously stated, yoga is extremely becoming popular today. In fact, there are thousands of groups around the world who come together to practice, teach and enjoy yoga in all its forms. There are various requirements to this practice such as pieces of comfortable clothing, special mats to use and a library of books. Of course, these aren’t needed but for many it’s one more thing to get excited about. Yoga is a great way to meet like minded friends to share yoga with.


Last but not least, yoga is plain fun which is rare enough for a fitness regimen. It is interesting and adventuresome to try new poses, new breathing techniques and feel results because of them. There are loads and loads of different variations to try. Doing yoga with a friend or two can quickly and easily make yoga your favourite part of the day.  This is why yoga is something to look forward to unlike the gym or treadmill.

Whatever the individual reasons may be, yoga has become a truly worldwide phenomena. Combining key elements like fitness, deep spirituality, meditation and community building with fun while in the process of doing yoga makes for an activity that is an addictive mix. Yoga is the kind of addiction that requires no guilt. If you have not gotten on board with yoga yet, now is definitely the best time to hop into it. There is nothing stopping you from trying it out in your own living room.